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Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basin Cleaning in The New Orleans Area

The duty of a catch basin is to collect trash and debris from entering a drainage system. Different examples of this type of system include storm drains or a car wash catch basin. The reason taking care of this type of cleaning is so important is that it helps to prevent or limit the amount of pollutants that enter a storm sewer which can eventually make its way to local waterways like streams and rivers.

Another important function of this type of drainage system is to relieve surface area of a heavy influx of water. Heavy rain or water from places like a car wash need a runoff spot. If the grates are blocked by leaves, trash, sediment buildup or other materials there is a good chance this will cause blockage and eventually lead to flooding.

The elimination of sediments, debris or other materials from a storm water catch helps ensure proper function of the drainage system. This in turn can help to alleviate the likelihood of flooding in areas like parking lots or eventually, city streets. Regular maintenance of a catch basin can also reduce the risk of contaminating or polluting the local water ways.

How Often Should You Clean A Catch Basin?

The common mistake organizations make is waiting until there is a visible need for catch basin cleaning. If the grate is already blocked or water has been backing up the cleaning should already have occurred. The idea behind setting up storm drain cleaning is to prevent any problem altogether.

Setting up a scheduled regular maintenance program is your best approach to preventing future problems. In other words, get your catch basin cleaned before it is blocked. This will make it possible for water flow to continue through the drain as needed.

One think to take into consideration is the amount of use your catch basin goes through. If you own a busy car wash you will need cleaning on a much more regular basis. Also keep in mind that in some areas it may be part of your codes and guidelines to operate this type of business to have these drains cleaned and inspected. Make sure you set up service so that you comply with the restrictions in your area.

If you live in an area that is known for having heavier rainfall then it is also your responsibility to take care of this task more frequently. For example, if you own a parking lot in Seattle you may need more recurrent catch basin service than one that is located in Phoenix. The important thing is not to wait until the system is blocked or flooded to resolve the issue; use a preventative approach.

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